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Quality Control
Quality Control is applied at each step of the handcrafting process and after jewelry polishing, this is carried out as follows:
  1. Waxing: Great care is taken over checking waxes. We re-check waxed items with the master model on shrinkage, size and shapes.
  2. Polishing: Each item is closely inspected and compared with the client supplied structure or image, to make certain of its flawlessness.
  3. Prongs and stone cases are strictly scrutinized for correctness of shape and presence of irregularities.
  4. Soldering/Assembling: Accuracy of soldering and its finishing is closely examined before starting the second polishing stage.
  5. Setting: Confirmation of perfect setting, symmetry, cleanliness, diamond stamp through a vigorous stage-by-stage verifying system.
  6. Finishing: Stone setting is checked for appropriate fixing and cleanliness.
  7. Shining, overall stamping and quality of plating is also scrutinized at this point.
Inspection is a very important aspect in ensuring your product quality.
  1. By inspecting products at the source, during production, prior to shipment and before container sealing, the costs associated with import risks and product recalls are reduced significantly.
Our products are sustainable and trustworthy because we set and follow high standards.
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